As a growing, non-profit association, IMBA Switzerland is selectively and specifically committed to the development of recreational mountain bike sports in Switzerland


It is a big concern of IMBA Switzerland that we can provide useful information, tools and services to all involved stakeholders. We are convinced that together we can create a good framework for the future of mountain biking. Our goal is to proceed in an integrative and consensus-oriented way.


We are always open to suggestions, critics and discussions – just post here.



Sustainable mountainbike tourism

Mountain bike boom and environmental sustainability? We show you how! Together with more than 30 experts, IMBA Switzerland has created a specialised knowledge platform to promote ecologically successful mountain bike development in tourism and local recreation.


Find out about the environmentally friendly behaviour of mountain bikers or immerse yourself in the topics of planning, construction and awareness-raising on the knowledge platform “MTB and the environment”.


Click here to go to the knowledge platform “mountainbike and environment” (The platform is only available in German or French).



Further services follow!
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