IMBA Schweiz a nonprofit organisation which aims to foster grassroot mountain biking on a national level in Switzerland.


The association arose from the need to represent mountain bike-specific interest on a national level. Thus, various organisational scenarios, such as association, project based and more) had been sketched and discussed with representatives from tourismus, mass sports, industry, conservation and planning. The foundation of an association  to represent and actively foster grassroot mountain biking was widely approved. As a nonprofit organisation, the International Mountain Bicycling Association IMBA Schweiz ensures the representation of interests and approachability of grassroot mountain biking on a national level.


IMBA Schweiz is strategically affiliated to IMBA Europe ( and therefor well networked.

WHAT are the organisational structures?

IMBA Switzerland is a non-profit association and is managed by a seven-person board with its own office.

It is important to strengthen the network with the regional associations and local organizations. In addition to the elected representation on the board, the regional associations and organizations will have the opportunity to contribute as collective members. An Advisory Board is to be set up for members for 2021 for mutual exchange. Patronage for individuals will also be possible from spring 2021.

Supporters can support IMBA Switzerland here #getinvolved!

The board consists of the following institutions:

Swiss working group for the mountain areas (Thomas Egger, President), velosuisse (Thomas Frey), foundation “Freude rules” (Matthias Kuratli), ProVelo Switzerland (Dominique Metz), regional directors’ conference (Martin Vincenz), representation of regional associations (, René Schenker ), Swiss Cycling (vacant).

Here you can get to know our board better.

WHY does IMBA Switzerland exist?

We want to give everyone in Switzerland access to attractive mountain bike infrastructures in order to strengthen Switzerland as a mountain bike country, to support the promotion of physical activity (of children) and to increase the entire systemic mountain bike added value.

HOW does IMBA Switzerland work?

We work bottom-up based on the needs of mountain bikers. We work together with other organizations. We respect the environment and the needs of those involved. We work in a network at the interface between society, industry and politics.


We represent the interests of recreational mountain biking on a national level and ensure that it is accessible. We make our contribution to the development of basic knowledge about popular mountain bike sports in Switzerland. We are actively involved in the development and promotion of sustainable mountain bike infrastructures.


We are the contact point for tourism, local recreation, authorities, politics, volunteer work and industry for the design of user-friendly mountain bike offers.

What does IMBA Switzerland do?

As a growing, non-profit association, IMBA Switzerland is selectively and specifically committed to the development of recreational mountain bike sports in Switzerland


As a foundation for our positioning and the ‘bottom up’ approach as a national representation of mountain bikers’ interests, we would like to find out first-hand the perception and opinion of bikers on current hot topics by carrying out surveys.

Together on the trails! – Bikers see communication as the key to less conflict.

In the survey “Conflicts and togetherness on the trails” from spring 2021, IMBA Switzerland took an intensive look at the perception of conflict from the mountain bikers’ point of view. Now the first results are online and one thing is clear: there are conflicts, but also common views and solutions. The key lies in mutual respect and in communication and information.

Click here for the results.


The SMP (Swiss Mountainbiking Project) aims to strengthen the mountain bike segment, an important source of income for Swiss summer tourism. Interest groups are networked, knowledge is gathered and supplemented. This means that the design and maintenance of trails (trail management) can be professionalized. Infrastructures and services in tourism can be qualitatively expanded, increasing added value and securing it in the long term.


Actors from tourism, industry, the environment, society and politics participate in the project and contribute. Last but not least, the financial support from Innotour, the SECO funding program for innovation, cooperation and knowledge building in tourism, emphasizes the national importance of the project and the competitiveness of Switzerland as a tourist destination in the mountain bike segment.


The DIRTT project (Developing Inter-European Resources Trail Builder Training – DIRTT) aims to create guidelines for the areas of planning, design, construction, maintenance and management of mountain bike trails and to incorporate suitable training structures for professionals and volunteers across Europe
to get integrated.


“With the co-financing of the DIRTT project, the EU is signaling the overriding relevance of mountain bike sport. The participation of Switzerland in the DIRTT project is important and expedient and contributes to the professionalization of mountain bike sport in our country. ” Thomas Egger, President IMBA Switzerland.


The implementation of DIRTT in Switzerland is sometimes part of the IMBA SMProject.


As part of the collaboration with IMBA Europe and our colleagues from the Swiss Bike Park , we help with the topic of trail ratings.


Here is the survey and some background information:

Trail Rating Survey!


IMBA Schweiz

Marktgasse 50
3011 Bern

+41 31 521 68 02

Kevin Suhr

Management ad interim

Lisa Wolfsteiner

Project collaborator

‘For me it is important that everyone has fun on the bike.’

Media Partner

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We keep you up to date!

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