How can you support IMBA Switzerland and other organizations to give mountain biking a voice and to work for a sustainable infrastructure?

Mountain biking in Switzerland has to become accessible, it takes a lot of work behind and in front of the scenes. Every mountain biker should make his contribution to ensuring that the organizations can get involved, collaborate, discuss and be successful.  

Mountain biking has become a popular sport in Switzerland! However, the infrastructure, the understanding of the bikers and the legislation are lagging behind.  Together we can make a difference – IMBA Switzerland is working on behalf of mountain bikers on a national level. This requires resources and your vote!  

Get involved locally, regionally or with us nationally!

The main thing, dear bikers, is to get involved!  

This is how you can currently support IMBA Switzerland:​




local 275 CHF / cantonal 550 CHF / national 975 CHF 



lokal 275 CHF / kantonal 550 CHF / national 975 CHF 

With your contribution we can tackle more projects, use more resources and generally give the voice of all Swiss mountain bikers more weight!


Private persons from CHF 45 per year

Organizations, associations, companies from CHF 125 per year

With your patronage you support and enable:

  • – Mountain bike advocacy at national level

  • – Solution and consensus-oriented approach with regard to the Swiss mountain bike challenges

  • – Participation in national working groups of FEDRO, SwitzerlandMobility, Swiss hiking trails and more

  • – Projects with a focus on the environment, tourism and local recreation

  • – Networking of the stakeholders involved

  • – Establishment of national association structures

  • – Development of important basics 

  • – Media work​

  Local, regional or national? 

We are in the middle of the development phase with regional and local organizations to better organize mountain biking in Switzerland. It is important that we can unite as many mountain bikers as possible to represent the interests. The various organizations are in mutual exchange and we are working on a structure that is meaningful and efficient for everyone.  

What can you do now:

  • Get involved at a local, regional or national level

  • Get involved where you find it important and where it makes sense for you

  • Become a member or sponsor of a mountain bike organization

  • You don’t have to be there everywhere – the main thing is that you involved somewhere!

Here’s SOON an overview of where you can get involved on a regional level! 


For companies, organizations, associations, clubs, IG’s!

There is no membership for private individuals.

Take part, participate, benefit directly!

  •  – Participation in the general assembly with voting rights

  •  – Participation in advisory boards – exchange, participation, topics and projects

  •  – Access tools – best practice, communication content, information platform, documents

  •  – Access to offers from IMBA sponsors and partners, participation in international activities, improved conditions at other national associations, events, etc.

  •  – Access contact details network IMBA

  •  – Member newsletter



National CHF 975 per year

If there is no regional or local mountain bike interest group in your region, 

Regional CHF 550 per year
Local CHF 275 per year


Thank you for your support!

You help us to grow to represent your interests.

Your support also directly via



Bank Deposit

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